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We Promote Your Company Nationally When You Purchase Our Cage Free Liquid Eggs

Hickman’s Cage Free Liquid Whole Eggs are all natural as they do not add any additional yolks or whites depending on the egg market price. They only use whole shell eggs to give customers the best natural consistent liquid eggs in the market.

Protein Brokers specializes in the sale of premium-grade liquid eggs, hard-cooked eggs, and frozen egg products. With a keen focus on quality and excellence, we bring Hickman’s exceptional range of Cage Free Egg Products and Conventional Egg Products directly to you.

We take pride in delivering not just egg products but superior quality, ensuring that every product meets stringent standards. From liquid eggs that redefine convenience in cooking to ready-to-use egg products, we offer a diverse selection to catering companies, restaurants, hospitals, health care facilities, culinary experts, manufacturing, and bakeries.

Hickman’s Hard Cooked Eggs are also made from Hickman’s Fresh Shell Eggs and then packed into many different packaging units including small retail 2 packs to bulk 20# pails. These are excellent for the retail consumer, schools, hospitals, military bases and including salad and sandwich making

Moreover, our collaboration with Hickman’s allows us to uphold their legacy of premium-grade eggs, ensuring that customers experience nothing short of excellence. Whether you’re a culinary professional seeking top-tier egg products or a business looking for reliable egg products, we’re here to provide unparalleled service and Hickman’s quality you can trust.

Why Hickman’s Eggs?

Hickman’s eggs are renowned for their exceptional quality and superior taste, setting a standard of excellence in the world of poultry products. Sourced from well-nurtured and free-range hens raised in optimal environments, these eggs boast robust shells and vibrant yolks, reflecting the hens’ balanced diets and ethical treatment.

Their rich flavor and firm texture make the liquid eggs a culinary delight, ideal for various cooking applications, from exquisite baked pastries to crafted savory dishes. With stringent quality control measures in place, premium liquid and hard cooked eggs offer consumers an assurance of
freshness, nutritional value, and an unparalleled gastronomic experience.