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Protein Brokers, LLC is a Colorado based Women-Owned and Managed Small Business Company. The company is the Master Broker for Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado and also a PROTEIN WHOLESALER that purchases proteins, sells proteins, and sources proteins for retailers, food-service distributors, c-store distributors, non-profits and fundraising organizations.

The company has helped develop Protein Brokers Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs without fillers or additives other than a small amount of citric acid and are marketing and selling the product in North America. They also
are a marketing and consulting company that assists companies desiring to place their protein products into retail, food-service, c-stores, schools and the state and federal governments. Protein Brokers, LLC has a team of protein,
marketing and banking professionals on their staff to help companies grow
their business.


Marlene Seward: President
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Barney Seward: Vice President
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